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AVXperts are all highly trained and certified professionals in the field of AV and our service is of the highest quality, comparable only with the industry's best, at a global scale

AVXPERTS Technology

Our Core Values demand the use of Technology to execute any type of Audiovisual project, we use the latest design and programming tools to cover our needs, with the combination of special cable labelling software as part of the software portfolio we are using, depending on the project needs. This approach helps us be very detailed, accurate and quick in our execution. A lot of other software are being used during Commissioning and Programming of each system – our engineers are CTS Certified as Technology is a passion for us and we strive to demonstrate it in every AV Project



We are providing a very detailed system Design and the installation is of the highest standards, fast and accurate. This comes as an outcome of the process we follow from conception till completion and it is our key competitive advantage. We invest heavily on Design and Processes and this in return makes us very organized and efficient.


With our combined experience exceeding 70 years, and with the majority of this experience being on the highest level and having worked with both regional and global clients, in many sectors, we believe we are in a unique position to demonstrate to the market that quality results come from experienced and professional teams


Our overall approach from conception of a project till completion, combined
with the vast and diverse industry experience our team members possess, gives us the belief that we have already

AVX Team

AVXperts are maintaining a high standard of technology, best quality for our hardware or software, that’s why we have class A partners, well known world wide brands at the cutting edge of technology


Managing Director

As a Managing Director, besides the office administration role, Nick is responsible for guiding the Design team & Projects Team in designing & executing audio visual projects. This involves anything from resource planning allocation, system design, project planning, budgeting etc. Nick will actively coordinate with the client and stakeholders until all objectives are met and the project is signed off. At the design and technical implementation stages, Nick provides further coordination and assistance


Senior commissioning Engineer

Marek started his adventure within the AV industry back in the days of CRT projectors and LCD panels for overhead projectors. He worked as an installation team leader for some of the biggest pro audio distributors in Poland. Subsequently, he has increased his experience while working for some of the best AV system integrators in UK, starting as a second fitter, then slowly reaching the position of commissioning engineer. Marek has been constantly gaining new skills by working with the best engineers in Europe & Dubai, dealing with the high end corporate projects for some of the most demanding clients on a global scale


Senior project Engineer

Yaseen has been a system installation engineer of audiovisual solutions catered to large corporate, hospitality & Multi-National Companies, as well as Government/Defense sector from March 2007 to till date. This experience helped Yaseen to understand what enhances an audiovisual system to achieve client’s objectives and goals. Throughout the years, he has built up a wide knowledge of the of Audio Visual Systems field and all the supporting products of it.


Head of Programming

As a Head of Programming, Mohamed is responsible for planning, developing and testing audio visual control programs. This involves graphical user interface design and control system functionality programming to meet the customer and project requirements. Mohamed will coordinate with the client until all system functionality met. At the design and technical implementation stages, Mohamed provides further assistance to make sure with the design team that the required functionality will be delivered.

AVX Services

AVXperts are maintaining a high standard of technology, best quality for our hardware or software, that’s why we have class A partners, well known world wide brands at the cutting edge of technology

Our Services

Project Management

Coordinating and Managing a project can be very challenging, not to mention very time consuming. Our team’s experience in managing AV Projects, can lift this weight of the client’s shoulders. The process that is followed to ensure a smooth progress through the project’s life cycle is decided as the needs of the project unfold during the design stage, so every project follows a unique approach, always following the industry best practices and standards. The Project Manager’s communication and coordination skills will take care of the rest. For Details please contact info@av-xperts.com

AV Design

Design phase is the most crucial part of any AV Project. It is the phase where the success of the project is established. During the design phase we coordinate with all stakeholders to understand the project’s needs, in order for the Design team to come up with a tailored made solution to fit the project’s scope. Detailed schematics and shop drawings will be created along with all the necessary cable and IP list schedules. Planning ahead is always the best way to secure a successful project and our design team really plans ahead! If you have any design need, please contact sales@av-xperts.com to discuss your project further

Control Programming

Specialized Programmers work in coordination with the stakeholders to create the unique User Interface to suit the specific needs of the client and project. This way, a very complex system can be easily controlled at the touch of a button. We pride ourselves on our user interfaces to be very user friendly and without the need of any additional training and documentation, the end users can very easily find their way around controlling the AV system within the room, in a matter of seconds. For more information please check www.ultcontrol.com. For further please contact sales@av-xperts.com to discuss your individual needs

AV Installation

Our team of AV Installation Engineers are highly experienced in the AV systems field. Very often the team receives outstanding feedback for the services we provide, the quality is always based on industry standards and best market practices, therefore we always finish the installation with budget and on time. For further details and to book your installation with us, please get in touch at sales@av-xperts.com to discuss your individual needs

AV System Commissioning

Commissioning of a complex AV System is a very delicate procedure, our Commissioning Engineers are highly skilled and organized to commission even the most complex system. The Commissioning Team is comprised of CTS certified engineers who take their role very seriously. Commissioning works very closely with Control Programming to prepare the system parameters for the necessary integration, so the system will function as it is meant to. For Details, please contact sales@av-xperts.com

Support & Maintenance

Each AV project, weather its a small Video Conference Room or a Large Auditorium, has the need for support, in order to maintain optimum performance and increase the lifespan of your investment. AVXPERTS has experienced Service Engineers to take care of all your maintenance needs. Customized Service & Maintenance packages are available, please contact support@av-xperts.com for further details

AVX Partners

AVXperts are maintaining a high standard of technology, best quality for our hardware or software, that’s why we have class A partners, well known world wide brands at the cutting edge of technology


AVX Clients

AVXperts are maintaining a high standard of technology, best quality for our hardware or software, that’s why we have class A partners, well known world wide brands at the cutting edge of technology


AVX Contact

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